Warning: Some of this may be inappropriate for children and younger readers.

SallyLicious Girls is known to have some innuendos.

Innuendos in the episodesEdit

Season 1Edit

One Thousand Little Candy BallsEdit

  • The episode title is an innuendo.
  • Sally technically called Chloe a b*tch since she called her a dog and didn't use the actual word and she is a female, and that is the technical term for a b*tch.
  • Sally: No, don't take off your--nevermind.
  • Sally put diamonds in her bra.
  • Sally slaps Chloe's butt.

Crazy, Beautiful, LoveEdit

  • Sally wrote a "bad word" on Chloe's paper.
    • She might have written "B****!"
  • When Chloe is trying on her new dress:
    • Sally: I'm trying to put them in there!
    • Chloe: What now?
    • Sally: *blushing* Nothing...
  • Later Chloe looks in her dress and sees her boobs.

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